The Pendulum
a multi-media performance work by
Pamela Z

Premiered: June 2008 Royce Gallery, San Francisco
(work-in-progress presentation: November 2007 Third Coast Audio Festival, Chicago)
(video excerpts)

The Pendulum is a solo performance work exploring binaries of “Yes and No” through voice, electronics, projected video and manipulation of objects.

Using live vocal performance, real-time processing, alternative MIDI controllers and sampled voices and sounds with a minimal set comprised of dangling objects, three channels of projected video, and a stark lighting design, Pamela Z performs a work inspired in part by her mother’s use of a pendulum for divining answers to questions both trivial and monumental.

The Pendulum premiered in 2008 at Royce Gallery (San Francisco) and has had excerpts performed at Expermintal Intermedia (New York) and at Chicago Public Radio’s Third Coast Internation Audio Festival (Chicago).

duration: 40 minutes
solo performer: Pamela Z
music/sound/video: Pamela Z
lighting design: Stephen Siegal

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updated 07/01/08