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Carbon Song Cycle:

Pamela A collaboration with video artist Christina McPhee and scored by Pamela Z for voice & electronics, cello, viola, bassoon, and percussion, this work is performed within an immersive environment awash in McPhee’s expansive, multi-channel video work. Carbon Song Cycle is inspired, in part, by ongoing changes and upheavals in the earth's ecosystem, and a fascination with the carbon cycle—the process through which carbon is exchanged between all terrestrial life forms and domains. Texts, melodic motifs, and images are inspired by and derived from scientific data concerning the carbon cycle, stories related to environmental balance and imbalance, and images abstracted from footage shot at natural and technological sites—including petroleum fields, natural gas sites, and geothermal sites around back-country California. Structurally, the piece plays upon the idea of the natural exchange of elements by passing sonic material through the various players, with audio and video elements that actively affect each other by passing information back and forth in various ways. It was commissioned by the MAP Fund and New Music USA, and premiered at the Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive in April 2013.


Pamela Z has created a series of sound and performance workshops in which she exposes particpants to the works of various practioners in the sound art, performance, and new music fields, teaches principles and techniques of digital and analog sound recording and editing, and provides opportunities for participants to create their own sound and performance works. This course, which began with artist residencies that she did at the LAB Gallery in San Francisco, and continues through her own studio. For information on the upcoming SoundWORK workshop, contact Pamela Z Productions or visit the SoundWORK page.

ROOM Series:

Since 2006, Pamela Z Productions has been presenting an avant chambre music series called ROOM that takes place in the the Royce Gallery, an intimate performance gallery in San Francisco's North East Mission Industrial Zone (NEMIZ). Composer/performer Pamela Z hosts evenings featuring a variety of virtuosic, solo artists and chamber groups playing experimental music (including composed music of their own, that of other composers, as well as improvised music. ). The series has included a wide range of artists including Joëlle Léandre, Carl Stone, JHNO, Zoe Keating, Beth Custer, Amy X Neuburg, Moe! Staiano, Miya Masaoka, Suki O'kane, and many more. A ROOM series evening often includes two to four extremely varied artists of a certain instrument family or curated around a specific theme, who each play solo works and then join together with the other artists and series host Pamela Z for an ensemble improvisation or scored work. Visit the ROOM Series page for the upcoming schedule and a complete history of the concerts.

Z Programs:

Since 1986 Pamela Z has been producing Z Programs, an ongoing series of interdisciplinary events in which her own work has been featured along with that of other artists doing experimental work in various genres. These evenings typically feature a wide range of artists of varying discplines doing experimental work combined into a surprising and cohesive evening. In recent years, Z Programs has expanded to include the ROOM Series.

Solo CD A Delay is Better:

Pamela Z's solo CD A Delay is Better has just been released on Starkland, the label which previously released two Pamela Z works on a compilation called "From A to Z". A Delay is Better is currently available through Amazon.com and is slated to appear in stores in the fall.



Pamela Z collaborated with cellist Matthew Brubeck and video artist Christina McPhee on a new opera based on the Museum of Jurassic Technology. The opera premiered at The LAB Gallery in 2005.


VOCI (Voices):

Voci is a solo multi-media performance work exploring the sonic, cultural, physical, and artistic worlds of the human voice. Voci premeired at ODC Theater in San Francisco in 2003 and had its New York premiere at the Kitchen in October of 2004. Voci celebrates the broad range of colours in the singing and speaking voice, and examine various phenomena such as people's perceptions of each other based on voice. It consists of layered, dynamically varied segments incorporating live vocal work with digital processing, vocal samples, and projected video. These segments approach voice as anatomy, as character, as identifier, and communicator. The piece weaves stories about voice together with arias, non-verbal utterances, choruses of "real" and synthetic voices, fragments of scientific information, beautiful and terrifying cries and whispers.

Just Dust (Sound installation for Dakar Biennale in Sénégal)

Pamela Z was commissioned to create a sound installation for the 2004 Dakar Biennale in Sénégal (La biennale de l'art africain contemperain Dak'Art). Just Dust is a six-channel audio work which was installed in a room at the Maison des Eclaves on the Island of Gorée. The work includes audio samples recorded during a site visit in December of 2003 as well as samples of text in French, English, and Wolof. It opened on May 7th and runs throughout the Dak'Arts exhibition from May 7 through June 7, 2004.

Pamela also gave a full evening performance at the National Theatre of Dakar on the evening of May 7th.


Apple Store Performance

Pamela Z performed at the Apple Store in SoHo, NY on April 24th as part of Harvestworks' "Mixing it Up" Conference and the Apple Store's "Made on the Mac" series. Photos from this performance are featured on the Apple Stores website.


Forensic Art

Pamela Z created a performance/installation exploring physical identity, perception, and the act of spontaneous verbal description for an exhibition called "Sight Unseen" at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. This work involves, video, voice, sound processing, and audience participation.



Pamela Z was one of 13 composers commissioned by Starkland Recordings to compose a surround sound work for their year 2000 DVD Audio release IMMERSION. This historic recording is the first-ever DVD-Audio featuring works specifically commissioned and created for surround sound.


Tryon Center Residency:

In Fall of 2001, Pamela Z did an artist residency at Tryon Center for Visual Art in Charlotte, NC. In a beautiful studio provided by Tryon Center, she worked on completing work on her upcoming Starkland CD, creating an amplified metal sound installation, composing and recording a score for choreographer Jo Kreiter's The Economics of Place, and creating a new performance/video work Metal/Vox/Water.


Parts of Speech:

Pamela Z was awarded a San Francisco Arts Commission grant to create a radio piece called "Parts of Speech". This piece was broadcast nationally by satellite in New American Radio's 1995 season. She created a large-scale live version of Parts of Speech at Theater Artaud (San Francisco) in the first week of December 1998.



Pamela Z is a member of a collective of composers called "sensorChip" who use sensor technology to contol sound. sensorChip is comprised of Miya Masaoka, Donald Swearingen, & Pamela Z, doing projects together and in collaboration with other composers.





In 1999, pamela Z was awarded a visiting artist fellowship through the Japan/US Friendship Commission and the NEA. She spent the first half of that year living, composing new works, and connecting with other composers and artists in Tokyo (January 12- July 11, 1999). This was be her second visit to Japan. Her first was with the Interlink Festival in 1996.



Pamela Z did a residency in 1995 at XEROX's Palo Alto Research Center in the PARC Artist In Residence Program (PAIR). This is a program in which artists are paired with researchers to do exploration concerning technology and the arts. She worked with Michael Black, a researcher (now at Brown University) working in motion studies and gesture recognition and anthropologist, David Levy who does studies concerning work practice and documents.



Private Tutoring:

Pamela Z offers private tutoring in sound applications such as ProTools and SoundDesigner. She also offers consultation and help with FileMaker Pro Databases and general Macintosh Basics (with special discounts for artists and non-profits). For information contact Pamela Z Productions

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