Pamela Z has composed a large body of works in which she processes her voice and plays samples using a MacBook Pro with MAX MSP software and gesture-controlled MIDI instruments. These works range in scale from short (5-8 minute) pieces for solo voice and electronics to large scale, full evening length, theatrical, multimedia performance works that involve electro-acoustic music, projected video, and movement. Pamela Z's body of work also includes installation works, fixed media works (or "tape music"), and commissioned works for chamber ensembles. (Contact Beth at Beauchamp Artist Services for availability.)

  • The short voice & electronics pieces (some of which are excerpts from larger works) are performed in various combinations to make solo new music concerts of any length or shared evenings. These programs are appropriate for concert halls or performance galleries with a good, stereo or multi-channel sound system. (Sometimes a single channel of video is also included.)
  • The large-scale performance works generally involve live voice & electronics, multiple channels of projected video, and a set and lighting design. Some of them are solo and some include additional performers. They are appropriate for flexible black-box theatres or proscenium halls capable of supporting a lighting design and good quality (stereo or multi-channel) sound reinforcement.
  • The installation works can involve any combination of stereo or multiple channels of audio, single or multi-channel video, and physical (found or fabricated) objects. The fixed media sound works are appropriate for playback in a listening room or gallery space, a tape music concert, or for broadcast. The works that involve video, objects, or some kind of interactive element, are sometimes better suited for gallery/exhibition spaces.
  • Pamela Z has composed a number of chamber works scored for various combinations acoustic instuments and live electronics or tape. Generally commissioned by new music ensembles such as Kronos Quartet, Bang on a Can Allstars, and Ethel, some of these works can be performed without the composer present, while others include a part for voice and electronics and are intended to be performed by the composer and the ensemble.

Voice & Electronics Concerts

Large-Scale Performance Works


Chamber Works

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