Lisle Ellis’s Seven Fold Project

Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Stone
Avenue C and 2nd street
New York, NY map

Performances with Lisle Ellis. at The Stone in New York, NY USA 8pm Lisle Ellis’s Seven Fold Project – Jenny Scheinman (violin) Tomas Ulrich (cello) Holly Hofmann (flute) Pamela Z (voice, electronics) Mike Wofford (piano) Lisle Ellis (bass & circuitry) Susie Ibarra (drums, percussion) A rare convergence of exceptional improvisors. 10pm Settings for Bass and Circuitry – Lisle Ellis (bass & circuitry) Tom Hamilton (electronics) Pamela Z (voice, electronics) Tomas Ulrich (cello) Lisle Ellis in Solo, Duo, Trio and Quartet enviroments.