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Technical Rider for Solo Voice & Electronics Concert (without video)

Pamela Z’s technical needs vary depending on the venue and the program being performed. For most engagements (basic solo voice & electronics concerts), she will require sound reinforcement as detailed below. For more technically complex productions (i.e. large-scale, theatrical, multi-media performance works) she may require additional lighting and audio/visual equipment and operators and additional load-in/set-up and tech time. Technical riders for specific works are available upon request.


For a basic solo voice & electronics concert:

30 minutes for load-in and set-up

45-60 minutes for sound-check and tech


Pamela provides her own:

  • microphones – Neumann KMS 105 and DPS headset mic with Sennheiser wireless transmitter and receiver.
  • 1 Apple computer (Mac Book Pro) w/ MAX MSP  software.
  • various gesture activated MIDI controller(s)
  • MOTU Ultralite firewire audio interface.
  • internal cabling for all these devices

To be provided by the venue or presenter:

  • a sound engineer familiar with the in-house equipment.
  • a stereo PA system with 2 available inputs (a stereo pair). *
  • a snake or a pair of cables to reach from the performing area to sound board.
  • direct boxes (DIs) will be needed if your inputs are XLR (PZ’s outputs are 1/4 inch).
  • at the board, PZ’s two channels should be panned hard left and hard right.
  • if possible, speakers should be downstage of the performer or angled so that they do not feedback into the performer’s microphone due to heightened feedback problems associated with live processing.
  • adequate monitoring (in some houses, the sound from the mains might suffice.)
  • grounded AC power on or near the stage.
  • a microphone stand (tri-pod style preferred) with boom.

Also helpful:

  • drinking water
  • adequately lit dressing area with mirror
  • a secure place for storing personal effects
  • NOTE: Pamela prefers to work in a smoke-free environment.

*(PZ can also work in multiple audio channels, if the venue is configured to support that, in cases where this has been discussed and agreed upon in advance.)


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