LONG TIME LUNG TIME CONTINUUUM!!! (a conver-something)

April 23April 24, 2024

Mannesmannufer 1b 40213
Düsseldorf, Germany

Following Images against Darkness in 2012 and Watch Out in 2018, the upcoming project, long time lung time continuuum!!! (a conver-something) is the third collaboration between IMAI – Inter Media Art Institute and KIT – Kunst im Tunnel in Düsseldorf. The project commenced with the invitation of artist Simnikiwe Buhlungu to research about the history and legacy of the IMAI archive with its roots in early experimental video works from the 1970s and 1980s but also post punk and new wave music from the Rhineland area and beyond.

Buhlungu gradually extended her invitation to artist Valie Export, the ventilation system of KIT, a Juno 6 synthesiser and musician Pamela Z by introducing the format of a conver-something that is already established within the artist’s practice. Taking an unusual formal turn, each guest has been approached to convene together in the underground tunnel space of KIT while exchanging possibilities of spatial lungwork and chronological interruptions. What can the assembly of these in-and-exhalations – as attempts of textual, sonic and infrastructural sustenance (for before; for after) – utter?