Pamela Z’s SIMULTANEOUS broadcast premiere

Friday, December 4, 202012:05am

Berlin 10825, Germany map

Pamela Z’s new radiowork “Simultaneous” will be broadcast as part of Deutchlandfunk Kultur at Deutschlandradio at 00:05 CET in Berlin Germany At five minutes past midnight (early Friday morning Central European Time) Deutchlandradio will premiere Pamela Z’s new sound work, Simultaneous. Simultaneous (duration: 44’33”) is a sound work exploring many facets of the concept of simultaneity. The work, which makes use of voice – both as speech sounds and singing, was developed, in large part, during a fellowship at the American Academy in Rome. Simultaneous (the radio work) is a purely sonic iteration of a larger set of works that also includes a mutli-channel installation (”Sonora Spolia” at the American Academy in Rome, Spring 2020) and, ultimately, an intermedia performance work (MoMA, New York, 2021). NOTE: The Friday midnight broadcast time in Berlin translates to Thursday afternoon and evening times in the US.