Principles of Non-Isolation in Audio #16

Sunday, August 30, 20205:00pm

soundcrack(.)net roaming radio

Pamela Z and Jon Leidecker AKA Wobbly peform a duet during a live-streaming sonic program that also includes Akosuen + Cinchel and Moe! Staiano as part of PONIA Principles of Non-Isolation in Audio at soundcrack(.)net roaming radio at 5pm PDT in Principles of Non-Isolation in Audio is a improvisational sound performance series that streams weekly on Sunday nights at and The focus of PONIIA is on real-time streaming improvisation and connecting artists separated by physical distance. Most streams follow the format of four artists in two duos and a quartet, though variations may occur from time to time. PONIIA is hosted/organized by bran(…)pos and J.Soliday Tune in at: