ROOM: The Body Electroacoustic

Thursday, July 31, 20148:00pm

The Royce Gallery
2901 Mariposa Street (near Harrison)
San Francisco, CA map
ROOM: The Body Electroacoustic

An evening of electroacoustic music by Donald Swearingen, Jon Leidecker, Pamela Z, and Kadet Kuhne, with special guests Suki O’Kane and Giselle Eastman as part of the ROOM Series at The Royce Gallery at 8pm in San Francisco, CA USA Donald Swearingen translates gesture into sound via a series of sensor-based instruments of his making. Jon Leidecker inscribes gestures on a tablet to generate sonic events. Pamela Z’s hand and vocal gestures deliver and transform live and sampled sounds. Kadet Kuhne generates electroacoustic material while Suki O’Kane and Giselle Eastan’s dexterous gestures excite sonorities from vibraphone, bass drum, and clarinet.