Sonic Gestures Installation Opening

Sunday, April 7, 20191:00pm

TEKS Trondheim Elektroniske Kunstsenter
Nedre Bakklandet 20C,
Trondheim 7412, Norway map

Pamela Z’s six-channel video installation, which will be on exhibit from April 7th through May 19th, 2019, will have its opening at TEKS Trondheim Elektroniske Kunstsenter at 1 PM in Trondheim Norway SONIC GESTURES 2019 is a video installation that consists of six frame-locked channels of video composed of fragmented gestural images with sound. The installation presents the audience with a virtual chorus of chattering, whispering, singing, and ever transforming sonic entities. Sonic Gestures premiered in April 2007 at Recombinant Media Labs in San Francisco. Consisting of ten frame-locked channels of HD video composed of fragmented gestural images and 16 channels of audio. This piece, which was commissioned and presented by NexMap, was designed as a site-specific piece for the immersive 360º video and sound set-up at RML. For TEKS.Studio the installation is re-configured for six screens. The installation is part of Pamela Z’s Norwegian mini-tour to Trondheim and Oslo April 2019. During her visit Pamela Z will hold demo talks at NTNU, The Norwegian Academy of Music and UiO as well as live performances both in Trondheim and Oslo.