World Premiere of Presence for Violin/Piano Duo and Voice & Electronics

Saturday, September 24, 20227:30pm

2201 Poplar Street

Stenberg | Cahill Duo will be joined by composer/performer Pamela Z in the performance of the world premiere of Presence at The Dresher Ensemble Studio at 7:30pm in Oakland USA Presence, Pamela Z’s new work for violin/piano duo, voice & electronics, and video, will have its world premiere on a program alongside works by Somei Satoh and Roscoe Mitchell. Commissioned by Stenberg | Cahill Duo, the new work explores presence in its many senses – physical, incorporeal, demeanor, carriage, presence of mind – working with the three women’s physical forms, focus and stage presence. Gesture, facial expression, and physical attitude are incorporated into the score – making use of silence, slow deliberate actions, imitation, and unisons to fill the space with the ever-changing intensity of imposing, dignified, fleeting, insistent, and comforting presence. The work employs gesture-controlled MIDI instruments, and the performers’ movements manipulate interjections of sampled audio and video projections. The acoustic instrument sounds are layered and processed in real time to create music that is sometimes open and minimal and sometimes densely layered and timbrally complex.