Z Program 60

July 8July 9, 2016

Royce Gallery
2901 Mariposa Street #18
San Francisco, CA map
Z Program 60

at Royce Gallery in San Francisco, CA USA Come celebrate Pamela Z’s birthday (and the 10th anniversary of the ROOM Series) with an evening featuring a collage piece called “60 Minutes” (apologies to Morley Safer) in which Pamela and some of her colleagues and collaborators perform 60 mini-movements tightly scored to a timeclock. Ms. Z will also present a few short works for voice, electronics to fill out the program. Friday July 8 and Saturday July 9, 2006 at The Royce Gallery, 2901 Mariposa Street. Sliding scale: 60 dimes – 60 dollars ($6.00 – $60.00) (no one turned away for lack of dimes) Z Program Fifty will take place in the intimate Royce Gallery. The featured piece on the program will be “60 Minutes”, the lively rollercoaster ride of a collage piece made up of performances and video by a delightful list of artists familiar to anyone who has attended past ROOM Series events. (See Z Programs History.) The carefully timed piece will include sounds and images from the likes of composer Donald Swearingen, singer (and Qube Chic) Julie Queen, electro-diva Amy X Neuburg, avant-rock and jazz artist (and real-life sibling of Ms. Z) Hillary Maroon, video artist and 2-headed-monster Jeanne Finley + John Muse, performance artist Mary Armentrout, video artist Ian Winters, composer/performer (and birthday girl) Pamela Z, and more. A short intermission will be flanked on one side by the precisely timed “60-minutes” and on the other by a few short works for voice & electronics by the birthday girl. Join us afterwards for wine and cake!