Artist: Pamela Z
Release Date: May 5, 2021
Works on this Album:

Site Four (2017) 7'

(from Occupy)

voice, processing, sampled sounds

commissioned by Stephan Koplowitz as part of the score for his 2017 dance work "Occupy" with Axis Dance

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From sonic trifles to complex numbers, the works on A Secret Code span two decades of redefining song.

Composer Annea Lockwood writes in the liner notes:

“I have long treasured Pamela Z’s work for its vigor, inexhaustible ideas, fluid intricacy of texture, and for its sheer joyousness. An infectious, often surreal humor runs through the whole album, brilliantly upending everyday experience. The letter she is typing disintegrates, flare stains on a road become animate, and in Unknown Person even the TSA’s mundane but weighted questions are subverted, and disintegrate in the hilarious list of packed garments and hopes which follows. Voice, the most intimate of instruments, is a shape-shifter in her hands, transformed by gestural control and electronics in her performances and mutating, time-stretched and compressed as Timepiece Triptych, and throughout her work, with a dazzling compositional virtuosity.”

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