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Technical Rider for Talk or Lecture/Demo

Pamela Z’s technical needs for talks, lecture/demos, and colloquia vary, depending on whether or not they involve any live performance or demonstration. She can give a talk with supporting, pre-recorded work samples including audio and video documentation of various works. Or she can give a lecture/demo that also includes a live component demonstrating some of the instruments and technology she uses in performance.


For a basic talk or lecture:

15-20 minutes for load-in, set-up, and tech check

For a lecture/demonstraton:

30-45 minutes for load-in, set-up, and tech check


Pamela provides her own:

For a basic talk:

  • 1 Apple computer (Mac Book Pro) with Isadora software.
  • video adapter for USB-C to HDMI

For a lecture/demo, the above plus:

  • a microphone and a MOTU Ultralite firewire audio interface.
  • a second Apple computer (Mac Book Pro) w/ MAX MSP  software.
  • various gesture activated MIDI controller(s)
  • internal cabling for all these devices


The venue or presenter must provide:

For a basic talk or lecture:

  • an AV console with ports for patching in video and sound output from the artist’s computer (with necessary adapters, if the video input isn’t HDMI).
  • a projector and projection surface, or a flat display large enough to be visible to the audience, according to the room size.
  • a sound system capable of stereo playback.
  • a microphone, if the room size requires sound reinforcement for the speaker’s voice.

For a lecture/demonstration, the above plus:

  • a stereo pair of input channels to accept audio from the artists audio interface.
  • accessible grounded AC power on or near the presentation area.
  • a microphone stand might be needed (tri-pod style preferred with boom).

Also helpful:

  • drinking water


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