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Technical Rider for
solo voice & electronics + video

Pamela Z’s technical needs vary depending on the venue and the program being performed. For most engagements involving solo voice & electronics with video, she will require sound reinforcement and video projection as detailed below. For more technically complex productions (i.e. large-scale, theatrical, multi-media performance works) she may require additional lighting and audio/visual equipment and operators and additional loadin/set-up and tech time. Technical riders for specific works are available upon request.


For a solo voice & electronics + video performance:

60 minutes for load-in and set-up
90-120 minutes for sound-check and tech


Pamela provides her own:

  • microphones – Neumann KMS 105 and DPS headset mic with Sennheiser wireless transmitter and reciever.
  • 2 Apple computers (Mac Book Pro) w/ MAX MSP and Isadora software.
  • various gesture activated MIDI controller(s)
  • MOTU Ultralite firewire audio interface.
  • internal cabling for all these devices

To be provided by the venue or presenter:

  • a sound engineer familiar with the in-house equipment.
  • a stereo PA system with 2 available inputs (a stereo pair). *
  • a snake or a pair of cables to reach from the performing area to sound board.
  • direct boxes (DIs) will be needed if your inputs are XLR (PZ’s outputs are 1/4”).
  • at the board, PZ’s two channels should be panned hard left and hard right.
  • if possible, speakers should be downstage of the performer or angled so that they do not feedback into the performer’s microphone due to heightened feedback problems associated with live processing.
  • adequate monitoring (in some houses, the sound from the mains might suffice.)
  • grounded AC power on or near the stage.
  • a microphone stand (tri-pod style preferred) with boom.
  • a projector – preferably at least 3000 Lumen – and a large, upstage projection surface (such as a cyc or a clean, light color wall)
  • an HDMI cable long enough to reach the projector from the PZ’s setup.
  • rear projection is preferred when possible, and it’s preferable for the bottom edge of the projected image be at or near the floor such that the image is within the same visual field as the artist (rather than above her head or off to one side)
  • lighting should be adjusted so that the artist is well-lit without spilling light on the video projection.
  • a small desk-height table (approx 26″ – 30″ h, with surface area at least 18″ x 36″) NOTE: PZ prefers a bare, clean, minimal-design table that is not dressed with any kind of apron or tablecloth.
  • In some cases a chair will also be required.
  • In some cases, the artist may need a special to light her face while seated at the table.

Also helpful:

  • drinking water
  • adequately lit dressing area with mirror
  • a secure place for storing personal effects

*(PZ can also work in multiple audio channels, if the venue is configured to support that, in cases where this has been discussed and agreed upon in advance.)


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