A Delay is Better

Artist: Pamela Z
Release Date: January 1, 2004
Label: Starkland
Works on this Album:

NEMIZ (1996) 4'

fixed media (voice and percussion samples)

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A Delay Is Better is the first CD devoted exclusively to works by the “funny, inventive, and talented” (Village Voice) composer/performer Pamela Z, and the recording offers some of her most widely enjoyed signature pieces.

The New York Times writes the “acclaimed internationally” Z is “a wonderfully compelling performer with a lot of range.” The New Yorker comments that “at the center of it all is the simple beauty of her classically trained voice – which can give her work an almost medieval purity.” And the San Francisco Chronicle has enthusiastically commented that “Z creates lustrous sonic landscapes.”

The essence of Z’s mesmerizing music is a skillful blending of her lovely voice with refined electronic manipulations. Pauline Oliveros writes that “this CD beguiles us with a rich introduction to a fine vocalist/composer who adeptly embraces technology,” noting that Z “invigoratingly explores great varieties of solo, chorused, extended, and manipulated vocal materials.”