Pop Titles ‘You’ (1986) 3.5'

from Parts of Speech

Program Note

Pop Titles ‘You’ is a found text piece for voice and three delay lines. The text is taken from an issue of the Phonolog Report, a reference publication that was found in record stores and listed the titles of available recordings and their composers and performers (until it was replaced by computers). This piece, which first appeared on the 1988 ZED recording, “Echolocation”, was later used as one of the segments of the 1995 sound work and 1998 performance work Parts of Speech. It also appears on the 2004 Starkland release “A Delay is Better” and on the 2021 Freedom To Spend vinyl reissue of “Echolocation”. Pop Titles ‘You’ has been used in a number of dance scores – most notably by choreographer Brenda Way in her 2010 ODC Dance work Waving Not Drowning.